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Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky  Remix, 2012, window installation at the Clocktower Gallery, NYC. Materials include glass lenses, mesn sleves, mirrors, paint, acrylic balls
Spin, 2012, installation for residency at the Clocktower Gallery, NYC. constructed of vegetable packaging mesh, sewn wi th monofilament, dimensions variable.

Free-Floating on the 13th Floor: Caroline Cox at the Clocktower

by Thomas Micchelli,, May 5, 2012

Moving through Caroline Cox's immersive installations at the Clocktower, the venerable exhibition space on the 13th floor of a city-owned building in Lower Manhattan, is like peeling free from gravity.

Although you don't literally leave the ground, the sculptures' pulsing aureoles do t heir best to convince you otherwise. One moment you're in the institutional-white hallway of a neglected municipal building and the nect you're among star clusters and jellyfish, crepuscular clouds and aggregating amoebae...

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OrangeBlueOrange, 2012 installation for residency at the Clocktower Gallery, NYC constructed of Horsehair tubing, Horsehair fabric, crystal and acrylic balls, and monofilament, dimensions variable
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