Cellular Blue Green Blue, 2013, monofilament, horsehair fabric
11" X 11" X11"

cellular blue green

SWERVE, 2013, a solo exhibition at the gallery Another Year in LA, located in West Hollywood, CA. Exhibition dates March 26 - May 6, 2013.

catalog essay by Thomas Micchelli

Caroline Cox stands in her studio, surrounded by microbes and micro-universes hanging by monofilaments from the ceiling or pinned to the wall.  Some are white but most are black. They are made out of the mesh packaging that envelopes fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, as if snagging them in a net. The floor is scattered with pink tubing and aquamarine blooms of stitched and shaped horsehair, a finely woven fabric commonly used in millinery shops. The pieces on the floor, on filaments, pinned to the wall, encompass a body of work she calls...

Installation View
Grafted Holes Around, 2013, vegetable packaging mesh, above left detail, above 5.5' X 4.5' X 1.5"

above: Drift, 2013, detail, vegetable packaging mesh
left: Installation shot including: Drift, 2013, on the back walls, vegetable packaging mesh, dimensions variable; Strand, 2013, hanging from wall to wall, vegetable packaging mesh, dimensions variable; Leboski's Rug, 2013, on the floor, vegetable packaging, monofilament, horsehair tubing /fabric,dimensions variable

Looping, 2011, 5' x 6', monofilament
Grafted Holes, 2013, vegetable packaging mesh
Grafted Holes, 2013, detail