Just Add Water is a site specific installation made of glass tubes, plastic roller picks, and crystal balls in response to the unique architecture of the all glass Humanities Gallery at Long Island University, Brooklyn campus. Cox worked on site during the exhibition adding the floor section seen in images on the right. The show ran from May to June 2009, and was curated by Nancy Grove.

Cox uses slipknots to fix and change things on the fly. She doesn't stencil composition from above. Nor does she seed structural consequences from below by the "obeessive" repetition of one or two bits of cleverness. Text and shape inhere, but she scatters them as she scatters light, in no formalized, repeatable pattern, like the stars. Whether the constellations strike you as random, or complexly mathematical with pools of chaos surrounded by crisp physics, or a vision of some cosmic intelligence, it is the template given by the heavens.     

            -David Brody, catalog essay, Just Add Water, 2009

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